Principal Message

               It gives me immense pleasure to write the introduction of this year's edition of the school bulletin, which is dedicated to the successful first year of our school. I join with the mission of the Management which is keen in making this school an exemplary in imparting quality education which can churn out top notch students.

          It is a prodigious opportunity to be the principal at KPS Utai– a school that is well-rooted in the traditional Indian culture, yet at the same time forward looking to cater to the growing needs of children in a country which is strongly immersed in the sea of globalization. All the pioneers, who have laid down a strong foundation in more ways than one and, allowed me to explore new frontiers in inspirational teaching, to motivate and to encourage children in diversified yet collimated learning, should be praised and honoured.

          A successful school does not function in isolation. As the new Principal, it will, therefore, be my endeavour to develop a tri-polar bonding – between the Management, the students and the parents, so as to share the collaborative effort that will bring forth spiritual nurturing, effective and successful learning.

          Our Management is one which transforms its efficient idea and delivers the best in academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to the students who enter the portals of this great school. The teachers, of course have a significant role in the growth of our school. It is true that a good teacher is the one who enjoys the profession. Our benevolent management provides congenial atmosphere for teachers who in turn contribute their best to our children. I work together with a capable team of teaching and non-teaching staff, to create new platforms for our children to share, learn and motivate one another, in a bid to cater to the changing needs of each and every pupil in the school.

          The future is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of lives amidst globalization – full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Thus, we also hope to inculcate in our children a sense of belonging, not only to their school but also to their family and the nation. We hope to achieve this through our holistic education –where we believe in not only academic excellence but also to achieve high standards in social skills, to inculcate moral values and to develop children to think ethically. I strongly believe that our students are blessed to learning this institution where they are taken care of individually in the process of their personality development. Here, the students are provided with value-based education using new techniques and technology and hence the learning process is an enjoyable and lovable experience for them.

Mr.G.S. Pandey
Krishna Public School Utai-Bhilai